Monday, January 19, 2009

Menu Plans Week of January 18 - 24, 2009

I've missed posting several weeks here. But I have still had a plan. If I could just seem to organize my time, like I have organized our meals. . . LOL!

I'm just realizing that I use one or both of my crockpots almost daily. My little crocks are one of my biggest time savers. I start dinner in the morning before homeschooling. At lunch, I work on dinner some more, and at 3 pm, when homeschooling is complete, dinner is about ready for the table at 5pm.

Sunday: Hot dogs, homemade french fries, leftover lima beans, cabbage, and salad. Approx. cost $5.00 (The cost is so high because two of us require GF hot dogs at a cost of $5.29 a pack)
*Note to self: Soak beans in crockpot

Monday: tacos with homemade refried beans (from dried pintos - I will make extra to freeze for bean burritos)salad, canned pineapple - Approx cost $5.00. Crockpot meal 1

Tuesday: homemade chicken noodle soup, GF biscuits/grilled cheese on homemade bread, pickles - Approx cost $5.00. Crockpot meal 2

Wednesday: Round steak and mashed potatoes, salad or coleslaw, biscuits - Approx cost $7.00 Crockpot meal 3

Thursday: Homemade chicken nuggets, french fries, green beans, salad or coleslaw - Approx cost $7.00

Friday: egg sandwiches, Green Beans and Potatoes, biscuits - approx cost $2.00 (we have green beans canned from our garden and chickens for the eggs) Crockpot meal 4

Saturday: Salisbury steaks (can use ground turkey), mashed potatoes, kids veggie choice, salad or coleslaw - Approx cost $5.50 Crockpot meal 5

Total weekly spend for dinner for 5 and lunches for 3: $36.50

Not one of my more frugal weeks, but oh well. Still cheaper and healthier than take-out!

So, what's on your plate this week? Find more menu plans at Organizing Junkie.

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Candace said...

Hi Calina,
Looks pretty good to me!

I deleted my blog because I was getting really paranoid due to all of the political stuff and then pictures of the kids etc. It was also causing some trouble between me and some family as they don't like my politics/religion. Anyway, I'll probably start up a new, fresh one (or two) soon.
Thanks for reading and commenting-it was nice to hear from you!