Sunday, December 7, 2008

UGH!!!! The Tree Has Got to GO

I'm sure many of you have put up the tree and decked the halls in your home. We have. It took us two days of dragging stuff out of storage, putting things up, putting the totes back in storage. We don't just decorate the tree, we decorate the entire house. Each room has different STUFF!

I was feeling like Christmas might actually go right on schedule, without any glitches.

When. . .

I noticed my youngest daughters cute little cheeks were starting to get rosier and rosier looking. I thought it could have been a delayed reaction from the new enzyme we had her on, so I stopped giving her it. To no avail, her cheeks got rosier and drier. Friday, she had the rosy cheeks, and hardly a voice. Then yesterday, a new symptom. She started coughing and had gobs of gunk in her eyes. She also became very irritable and constantly tired (very unlike her normal self).

No big deal, just a cold you say. Maybe I've watched too many episodes of House lately (love that show BTW). I'm sure it's a underlying environmental cause. Not a cold.

Every year when we put up our artificial Christmas tree, my daughter's symptoms reappear. I don't know if it's something in the artificial needles, if it's years of accumulated dust. I don't know. But I have noticed and remarked about it to my husband that I thought it could be the Christmas tree for several years.

What I do know is . . . It's got to go! I don't mean after Christmas. I can't let my baby suffer that long. I mean today!!! Besides I have to prove to hubby that I'm right! He trusts my judgement many times, but I must admit, he was a little hesitant this time.

The tree is coming down today. I will thoroughly clean the area. We'll see if that improves her symptoms. Hubby is going to get us a real tree to redecorate. If that doesn't work, we'll decorate the pine tree right outside our door.

She's heartbroken and so am I. . . I'll be really heartbroken if I go to all this work and it's not the tree, it's a cold.

What would you do? Have you ever found you were allergic to something quirky?

I'm pleased to report that we have just been keeping her out of the tree room and vacuuming and mopping daily. She seems to be better with that. Yay! We can keep the tree, but we will be taking it down because it does hold extra dust the day after Christmas.

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