Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Shayla's New Year's Resolution

First off, this is a disclaimer: This is my resolution for Shayla. She has not agreed to do any of these things. It could be a total flop, but I'm trying!

We are going to tackle her shyness, social anxiety, selective mutism - whatever label you choose to give it.

I was reading an online article about selective mutism. There was a children's book written about it (I don't remember the name). I thought about adding it to our never-ending book collection, but after reading the Amazon reviews, one suggested searching the shyness topic instead.

So I searched "shyness" at our local library. There was a whole slew of books available. I explained to Shayla what I was going to do. She was more than happy to go on a field trip to the library! She also seems open to addressing this problem. I never thought that her non-verbalizing may be making her unhappy, as well as me!

Unfortunately, when we got there we realized that someone else must be addressing this same issue because many of the books I wanted were out. SIGH! Oh well, I've got a few, it's a start.

I've already decided to focus on this daily. I feel that she has made great improvements in her "school related" subjects, so it's past time to work on this. (that's another post!) Now to come up with some creative ways of doing this, oh, and time to blog about it. . .

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