Friday, December 5, 2008

Homeschool Day 63 - Friday, December 5, 2008

Specials: Christmas. We made our own Rudolph! Rudolph! book from here. I could not find a pdf reindeer pattern, so I drew my own. I'm not an artist, but hey, it worked for a 7yr. old. She is surprising me everyday by reading more and more words. For noses we used colored circle stickers, because what kid doesn't love stickers! I cut circles for brown, black, and white. She had a great time coloring the reindeer and making faces. More time than I expected, but that's the best part of homeschooling, going with it when it works! She loves to make her own little books to share with family members. We also named the reindeers. (She knew everyone of their names). We sang Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer. (music, reading, fine motor, art)
We made cute reindeer headbands by tracing and cutting out her handprints on construction paper (they were her antlers). She wore a red sticker for a Rudolph nose (art) We sang the Reindeer Pokey (music & movement).
Isn't she a cute reindeer?

For more art we made the Santa water bottles found here. Start with an empty, dry plastic drink bottle. Remove labels. Fill full of red crinkly paper, red tinsel, red construction paper scraps, whatever. Make a hat from red felt, glue on the lid, then add a white cotton ball or pom pom. Glue googly eyes on (or make from construction paper)Add a nose. The beard was a stretched out piece of cotton. We added a belt for Santa from black electrical tape. *Note: For best results use Sticky glue or hot glue gun. (art)

We played with our felts. Shayla made this snowman.

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