Monday, December 22, 2008

Family Television

For those of you who have Dish Network (or those who may be considering). I recently found out that every Saturday evening on Channel 262, (I think it's sky angel 2), at 7 pm they have a movie from Franklin Springs Media on. Being from Franklin Springs, they are wonderful and encouraging films that are fit for the whole family to watch.

The weekend after Thanksgiving they had Nancy Campbell's The Family Meal Table. I have wanted to watch that film for some time, but somehow never found the means to purchase it.

BTW, if you are not familiar with Nancy Campbell, check out her site, Above Rubies. Her site and magazine (free, but accepts donations)are wonderful, Biblical references and encouragement on how to be a better mother and helpmeet.

With all the talk lately of the bad economy, bailouts, foreclosures, job loss, etc. etc. etc. It's refreshing to hear good things.

Have you read or seen anything encouraging lately? If so, please share a comment.

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