Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Packed Lunch Suggestions?!?

UGH!!! I've spent the morning on the phone with Morgan's high school. You see, Morgan has had a sinus type thing going on since September. No big deal, right, wrong, school started in September. That is when Morgan began drinking milk with a school lunch. Ok, so, no problem, in high school they have choices, right. Yes and no. Yes they have choices, but it costs more!

Follow me here, a regular school lunch for one child is $2.25 per day x 180 days of school is $405 per year. Ouch! Without a doctors note the school can not allow Morgan to substitute the milk with an orange juice (for the same price). However...if she chooses to substitute, without a doctors note she can not get a milk and purchase an orange juice for 50 cents per day, in addition to the $2.25. So for another $90 a year, my child can have the orange juice. Or there's the option of bottled water for an extra $1 a day. So, her "fix" is going to cost me $495 year for a lunch with o.j. or $585 year for water?!?

Is that a crock or what?

Now, I'm not blaming the gal in charge of the school lunch program, she tried to offer other solutions, such as bringing her own and putting it in the fridge. It's the state. Ohio has these laws. More government sticking their noses where it doesn't belong. (IMHO)

What does all this have to do with Kitchen Tip Tuesday? I'm sending out another plea for help. Morgan does not eat the Standard American Diet at home. Because of food allergies, we eat very healthy. She does not actually have the food allergies (except maybe milk). Morgan looks forward to school lunches as her daily "junkfood fix."

Does anyone have any packed lunch suggestions? Something besides peanut butter and jelly. I'm especially interested in wraps, snacks, well, just about anything. She could do soups because we do have a thermos, I'm just afraid it will get lost, because Morgan is sometimes forgetful. What the hey, if you have those suggestions, they're welcome to.


Edi said...

Do a search on "Bento lunches" or "Bento boxes" - there are some blogs even that focus on Bento type meals. These are Asian inspired lunch box meals that are way more than just a sandwich - some are very fancy -some more plain.

Sherry said...

HOw about a pasta salad, kabobs, wrap meat slices around stick cheese, wraps with cream cheese and meat/veggies, etc. Maybe your child would like to make the lunch with you. They are usually more apt to eat it. :D

mub said...

That's nuts! When I was in HS we could get milk and orange juice with our meal.

I love wraps, though the availability of whole wheat wraps is nil here, so I don't have them often. I just use normal sandwich fixins' in them. Turkey, avacado, and sprouts is a good combo. Grilled veggies are also really good in wraps. I usually smear cream cheese on mine, but I take it she's got a dairy allergy so maybe that's not such a helpful suggestion.

Little fritatas or quiches in a muffin tin make good packable lunches. You could make homemade "hot pockets" with various tasty things inside as well.

Sonshine said...

Here are couple of places to check for packable lunches....

my lunch list

lunch box basics and lunch box food ideas --both of these links are from the hillbilly housewife site...LOTS of goodness over there. :)

HTH! :)