Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Homeschool Day 38 - Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The best part of homeschool today is we will actually be home all day to do it. No where to go today! Woo-Hoo!

Scouts at Home (social studies): Careers. Photographer. Shayla had lots of personal experience with several photographers at Cassandra’s wedding this past weekend. They tried to make her smile to no avail. But, at least they successfully took her photograph and she wasn’t crying! Baby steps! We read a library book about different photographers and the kinds of photos they take. I showed Shayla how to use my camera and she took a picture of our very old, very lazy dog, Duchess. *This was a better choice than the pups that don’t stay still!
This is the photo Shayla, the young photographer, took.

Here she is behind the camera!

Phonics/Reading: We did Abeka lesson 3. Beginning consonant sounds. Review of short vowel sounds. We sang the short vowel sound version of Old Mac Donald. (music). Shayla got to play an instrument each time she heard the correct vowel sound in the words I called out. Completed a workbook page about ending sounds (spelling).

Activity: I skimmed around the activities lessons and found one that has to do with the careers try it that we’ve been working on. These are the actual careers Shayla came up with – I promise! Maybe this is why she hasn’t had much interest in the careers I’ve picked out! LOL!

C amera man

A stronaut

R abbit farmer

E lephant trainer

E ye or ear doctor

R ace car driver

S un scientist

Math: I took 3 paper pig shapes and Shayla used number stampers and stamped 1, 5, and 10 on each. Then she took a jar of pennies, nickels, and dimes and put them in the appropriate pig. Then we counted them and made patterns. I made some very difficult patterns and was pleasantly surprised that Shayla was able to identify the next coin in the pattern.

Reading: I introduced –ad words (bad, dad, etc) using letter magnets. Then she read Bob book – Sam aloud.

Writing: Although Shayla’s writing skills have improved, I want to push her a little harder. Today I had her trace over my letters. She wrote:

Today is Tuesday.
It is October 28, 2008.
It is cold and windy.

Supplemental (math/reading): This was a great idea and I think I will use it with color words and maybe phonics, too. I folded a paper plate into twelve triangles. Start by folding the plate in half, then just fold into triangles. Next I wrote the number words in each pie piece (zero-ten). Then I wrote the corresponding numbers (0-10)on clothespins. Shayla clipped the correct number clothespin on the correct number word. This is great for strengthening hand muscles. I remember not so long ago when she really struggled with this. Today it was fun!

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