Sunday, September 7, 2008

Marble Painting

I borrowed this idea from Shayla's former preschool teacher, Miss Pam. It was a hit then and still is!

First, find an old cake or pie pan. Have child trace around the pan. Cut the circle out that was
traced and put in bottom of pan.
I put several colors of washable paint on an old margarine lid. Our palette can then be reused. I give her choice of several colors. She dips a marble in a color of paint...
Then, she rolls the marble by tilting the pan. . . This Way!
. . . And rolls it that way!
Here is the finished project.
It reminds me of the spiral art thing that I enjoyed at our county fair when I was a small girl. Ok, I guess I'm showing my age!
Anyway, this would be a great project for letter M week.

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