Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Homeschool Day 14 - Tues. Sept 23, 2008

Supplemental: I wrote "This Old Man, he plays ...." on the white board. I pointed to the words while we did the fingerplay. We practiced using ASL signs for counting 1-10 while singing. (music & movement)

Spelling: Introduction of consonant sounds g, p, n and h. I said random words and Shayla pointed to which of these letters it began with. Several times she pointed to the ending sound. We'll continue to review. She also had trouble particuarly with confusing n as r sound. We played "Show Me the Sound." I called out a word and Shayla showed me on her alphabet chart the letter it began with. She got the first few correct, so I believe she understands the concept, but she became overwhelmed quickly because the pictures on the chart are different than the words I was saying. We'll review this again tomorrow. She completed Beginning Sounds 111 pg 328. The directions were to put the shape that was around each letter around each item that began with that sound. Much too difficult. Instead, she got a different color marker for each letter/sound. She did trace each shape, but then circled the pictures with the markers. Much easier. Then she traced letters g, p, n and h. First I wrote them and gave her verbal instructions how to draw letter, then I take my pen and show her as she is tracing. Next, she traces dotted letters that I draw. Lastly, I give her verbal instructions and she makes 3 of each letter. I noticed remarkable improvement in this! (handwriting)

*Note: I've noticed that she needs her lessons to be brief and needs frequent breaks to perform best! Hey, so do I! Works for me!

Social Studies: All About Me. We made an accrostic poem out of Shayla's name, using words to describe her. (language/poetry) Here's what we came up with:







Science: We observed her seeds that we soaked yesterday. We noted the following changes: they stink (I explained fermentation, briefly) and they were bigger. We read The Seed Song and acted out the seeds growing (movement). She completed pg 411 - Plant Parts.

Reading: Shayla read and sounded out the first Bob Book called Mat. She's not very confident, yet and relies on me sounding the word out for her before she will say it.

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