Saturday, August 2, 2008

Tis the Season

Canning season has officially started for us. This is the second batch of green beans I have canned. We've already eaten quite a bit of fresh beans for dinners.

I will be picking fresh blackberries from our backyard this evening. I hope to can some berries, maybe make blackberry jelly and of course, blackberry muffins.
We are also enjoying fresh leaf lettuce, zucchini and hopefully the tomatoes and corn will be ready soon. The pumpkins are getting huge and the grape vines and apple tree are full of fruit this year
I usually can about 600 quarts of produce per year. This really helps our budget alot because it is all organic food.
We're also hoping to stretch our food budget farther by my husband getting a deer, our chickens should be laying soon, and I hope to getting second plantings of lettuce and peas in.


Jennifer said...

Those beans look great. I thought I canned a lot! I did about 100 quarts last year. Wow, I need to get moving. Do you find your electric bill goes way up during your canning season? I noticed last year (the first year in this house and the first year I canned so much) that our electric bill was through the roof during the 2 months I was canning so much. I think my stove is very inefficient.

Calina said...

Hi Jennifer,
No I don't really notice an increase in our electric bill. Our refrigerator and stove went out the day after Thanksgiving last year, so we bought a new appliance package. That was the last item of debt we had. It appears that they are definately more energy efficient than my 13 year old appliances were. We are blessed to have co-op electric so our bill including our DSL is around $100-110 in the late spring/summer/early fall season and $130 in the winter. Not a big difference.

Although I do the majority of canning in late summer/early fall, I can all through the year. As soon as I have a batch of jars empty, God seems to provide something for us. Whether it be an excellent sale on carrots, or I have time to whip up a large amount of soup for busy or sick days.