Friday, August 1, 2008

Shopping Withdrawls

After having built up a nice stockpile of everything, I decided to take the week off from shopping. I have not made one trip to buy ANYTHING this week!

I think I've become addicted to bargain shopping! At the beginning of the week, I didn't know what to do with the time I usually spent going through ads, matching coupons, checking websites and blogs for more deals. I was a little irritable and maybe had a tremor. I told you I was addicted!

I think I may continue this experiment. Maybe I'll just do the shopping thing every other week, instead of every week. Or maybe I'll make up more menus using what I have and only get the necessities for awhile. Who knows?

We recently started a budget. I lumped food, CVS, gas and miscellaneous into one category for simplicity's sake for now. I allowed us $800/mo. We came in only $20.96 over, which really isn't an overage because next paycheck that $20.96 will be deducted from the back-to-school expenses. So, when out of cash for the month, I guess we'll definately do this experiment again!

How do you do your shopping? Do you go weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly? Does anyone do any grocery shopping online to avoid the temptation of stuff that's not on their list?

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Jennifer said...

We don't have CVS or Walgreens here in Anchorage, but we do have access to the commissary. I usually make a commissary run every 4-6 weeks and go to our local grocery or WalMart when ever we need milk or some other small item. Sometimes I'll stretch our pantry an extra week just to postpone the big shopping trip. It works pretty well for us this way to stay on budget. And saves time and $ on gas (and $ on impulse buying since I'm not at the store so often!).