Sunday, August 17, 2008

Painting Rocks

What can you do to keep a 7 year-old busy for about a half an hour?

We painted rocks. First we found interesting rocks outside. We talked about the colors, the shape, and texture.

Look at my little artist. She's really into her work!

The finished rocks. As you can see we painted a rainbow, a ladybug, a bee, and Shayla painted an octopus, an ostrich egg and others.

Since my daughter would paint rocks all day long, I set a limit. She used the empty jar to find rocks. As she found them, she filled it. We could only paint enough rocks to fill the jar. She can use jar to proudly display her rocks in her room for awhile.

This is a fun activity for fine motor skills. You could also read about the different kinds of rocks and count the rock hunt for science. For math, we counted the rocks and talked about who had painted more and less. We did simple addition/subtraction problems with the rocks. We have also mixed colors of paint at this time. Color mixing could also be considered science.

Summer is definately winding down. What fun things are you doing with your kids?

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE this. What a great, simple, activity!