Sunday, August 24, 2008

Menu Plan Week of 8/24 - 8/30, 2008

Scroll down if you just want menu plans, but I included some important wisdom I gained this week. Wisdom I gained the hard way!

Last week was a rough week! My teenage daughter managed to get our computer infected with 7 viruses. We do have virus protection, but these were nasty little boogers, in that, I couldn't clean, quarantine, or delete them.
After 12 hours of trying everything I could possibly think of, the computer kept getting worse and doing more bizarre things. When I was at my breaking point, my prince charming called the computer repair man.
I learned many things from the computer guy. Viruses, trojans, and spyware are things to beware of. Viruses destroy your computer and files. Trojans try to get information and speed from your computer to help the host computer operate. Sometimes up to 1000 computers are linked to the host computer. And spyware is used to get your personal information.
Now, what does this have to do with menu planning? I'm getting to that.
I know many of my readers are avid coupon shoppers and die-hard CVSers. The computer guy said he noticed that I had the coupon bar and several other coupon sites software on my hard drive. He said that coupon sites are notorious for spyware. He had a case the prior week of a family that had gotten their identities stolen from a computer virus.
So, the companies give you a free coupon, but at what cost to you? Are they also going to get your bank account numbers, credit card numbers, etc?
After a few days of praying, we got our computer back. Luckily, the guy was able to remove the junk from our computer. Looks like we got lucky this time.
The second thing I learned this week is that it actually does take rocket science to be a homemaker. Let me explain.
The past month or so, I noticed I was throwing away more food than usual. And the fridge didn't seem very cold. I thought it was the high temperatures and the kids being in there more often. Didn't give it much thought. Then my husband commented that several things that were only a day old were tasting, well, fermented. I agreed.
Long story short, we got in touch with a local repairman from Whirlpool warranty center. He came to our home around 6pm on a Saturday evening! Within a half hour of getting in touch with! Is that service or what!
Anyway, I had overstuffed the freezer and fridge. I had recently overfilled with free pizza rolls, waffles, and bags of frozen veggies. After all free or pennies is good, right. The problem is, I blocked the vents that circulate the air back and forth in a side by side. When the vents become blocked with food, they ice up and don't cool anymore.
Almost 24 hours later, I'm happy to report that our fridge is again working as it should! Once again those deals could cost you!
Sunday: Chicken & rice with fresh and frozen stir fry veggies in tortilla shell with salad dressing on top, potato pancakes from leftover mashed potatoes, salad and garden veggies. Snack: apple slices
Approx. Cost $2.50
Monday: Sausage links, hashbrown potatoes, mac & cheese, garden green beans, bread/biscuits. Snack: Homemade juice popsicles
Approx. Cost $4.00
Tuesday: Chili Soup, carrot & celery slices with peanut butter, bread/biscuits. Snack: Fruit cocktail
Approx cost $2.50
Wednesday: Chili dogs, baked beans, french fries, carrot & celery slices. Snack: rice/ice cream
Approx cost: $6.00 (This is high because gf hot dogs are $5.29/pk - we use 3-4 gf & regular hot dogs for others and rice cream is $1.70/serving)
Thursday: Homemade gf hamburger helper, oven fried potato wedges, garden green beans or peas. Snack: Kids choice
Approx cost: $3.50
Friday: Chicken nuggets & fries, garden salad or leftover veggies. Snack: birthday cupcakes & rice/ice cream (This is not a frugal meal, but it's a favorite and we're celebrating 3 family birthdays!) Approx cost $9.00
Saturday: Spaghetti & meatballs, garden salad, biscuits/breadsticks. Snack: Kids choice
Approx cost: $4.25
Total cost for dinners & lunches and 1 snack $31.75.

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