Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Grumpy Mommy

In a previous post I told you that something had to give on my list. That something is my perfectionistic standards of housekeeping.

What caused this life changing revelation?

My daughter Shayla changed my whole perspective on things several weeks ago. She said she wanted a mommy like one on a show she was watching.


Because she said I was a Grumpy Mommy.

What a wake up call! In my never-ending quest to do it all, my children were seeing a grumpy mommy. Where was the JOY that was supposed to be spilling from me? How was I going to be an ambassador for Jesus when there was no apparent joy?

Lately, I've been working very hard to fill up my family's love tanks. I've also taken steps to reignite friendships that had also been forgotten.

Shayla has been thriving on the extra time of playing together, learning together, and me just talking and listening to her.

Morgan, well, she's a teen. Hopefully, she will see this as a good thing. You know, someday, when she has kids of her own, (and they act just like her!)


Julie said...

Phew! I hear ya momma! I have had to retrain my face to smile. I used to smile all the time!
Thanks for letting me know Im not alone!

Calina said...

I think when you do force yourself to smile, you start actually feeling better, because the kids (especially if they are little enough)see you smile, then they smile, then it's contagious!