Friday, August 15, 2008


I received a VERY unexpected phone call about a month ago. My little sister, Kim called out of the blue. We haven't spoken in 18 years. That's right, 18. It was funny that the timing happened when it happened (the Lord works in mysterious ways, huh?)

We had just finished our foster/adopt classes and we learned so much. Not only was the information useful for children that we may foster/adopt, but our own children, step-children, and even employees and people we come in contact with. It helps to have an understanding of what people came from and what they may be thinking. I don't know if I would have even talked to her, prior to taking these classes. You see, I thought she was a bad kid.

My little sister, Kim was adopted by my parents when she was 6. Like many adopted children she had been abused and neglected. I went to live with my biological parents when I was 14. (I had previously lived in an adopted home - that's a long story - one day I think I'll write a book and become rich and famous). Anyway, our family was 4 people, not used to being a family, thrown together for one circumstance or another, not having the understanding of how to be a family. We did not attend any family counseling. I was so self absorbed as a teen, I didn't even bother trying to really nurture a relationship/friendship with my sibling. I can remember as a child wanting a sibling close to my age, so badly. Then I got one and didn't treat her kindly, at all. I treated her like she was a pest, a nuisance, someone to be tolerated, not loved.

When I became an adult, basically my whole family went their separate ways. I do have a relationship with my mom, but that's all.

Turns out she isn't a bad seed. She's a living, breathing human being, too. When Kim called we talked for hours. It's funny that she seen things totally different than I. I was so self absorbed and she worshiped the ground I walked on. She wanted to be just like me! We promised to keep in touch. I had her number, she had mine. It took me about a month of sorting through all the emotions that popped back up.

I tried to call the number she gave me, but it had been disconnected. I hope someday I hear from her again. But, at least if I don't, I've made peace. I truly admitted that I had sinned her and asked her forgiveness. I don't know if I would have ever done this before now, but it actually felt good to do.

I'm so thankful that my sins are forgiven by Jesus because I know I've sure messed up in this life!

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