Wednesday, July 30, 2008

July Budget Numbers

Several months ago my husband asked me what we do spend a month on gasoline and groceries. I had to tell him the truth, I had no idea.

After sitting down and thinking about it, I decided that $800/mo. would be a reasonable amount for gas and groceries. Now I know that sounds high, but there are two of us on special foods for food allergies. Our cookies are almost $4/9 cookies and our bread was $6/loaf (I haven't bought it in awhile, so that figure could have doubled). Shayla's organic rice milk powder doubled - it comes out to be around $5.50/gallon. Ouch!

Anyways, I am happy to report that this months' grocery expenses came to $352.38 We are stocked up on everything pretty good. Our gas was $210.15. That figure will probably go up, we haven't went hardly anywhere. We live a distance from anyplace, so that figure may seem high to some. Also, it includes gas money for mower, and other power tools. Now here's the bad part, our miscellaneous was $258.33, but in all fairness, some of that can come out of the back-to-school expenses because I bought some cheap supplies at Walmart, Michaels, and Meijers.

What does your family's budget look like? Are my numbers way off what they should be?

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