Friday, June 20, 2008

Corduroy Bear Learning Activities

We did about a week long mini-unit study on Corduroy Bear.

We started each day by reading All About Corduroy by Don Freeman. That book contains Corduroy and A Pocket for Corduroy.

We made our own "Corduroy" stuffed bear. I purchased one of those bear kits from Hobby Lobby, similar to the Build-a-Bears. (With a 40% off coupon, of course). Then we made a pair of overalls for him using leftover felt scraps. We even included a pocket.

We used Corduroy to ask Shayla questions for language skills. And story discussion.

What do you think Corduroy put in his pocket?

Day 1:

We talked about the message of these stories were about friendship. So our Bible memory verse this week was from Proverbs. It was "A friend loves at all times." We said and signed this daily (memory/foreign language). I had a rubber stamper with that verse, so Shayla stamped it all over a page.

We went on a teddy bear search through out our house. After finding all the bears, we lined them up on the couch and sequenced them by size. We counted the bears. We discussed who had more/least bears (Shayla or Morgan). We discussed sizes (smallest, largest). We grouped the bears by color and discussed amounts. (math) We discussed likenesses and differences in the bears (comparison/language).

Shayla cut out and colored a paper Corduroy bear from Literature Activities for Young Children. (fine motor/writing skills).

Shayla made her own pocket for Corduroy using an old denim pocket. She decorated it with fabric paint and a decal.

Shayla used letter magnets to spell out our theme word:
(spelling/letter recognition/pre-reading)

Day 2:
We played mother/baby memory matching card game. (memorization skills).

She retold the story using the sequencing cards in Lit. Activities book. (language/memory/reading comprehension).

We used bear shaped beads to count by ones, fives, and tens. We practiced simple addition and subtraction problems (math). Then, Shayla made a bear bead necklace. (fine motor)

Shayla played the Little Bear computer game. (computer skills)

Shayla made a sponge painted bear and copied "bear" underneath it.


She used cookie cutters and playdough to make bear shapes.

Shayla played with wooden bear paperdolls. We discussed what the bear was doing and how he was feeling by facial expressions (social studies).

Other things we did:

Shayla felt corduroy material. (sensory/science)

We read other Corduroy books. In one book, she was able to learn several Spanish words. (reading/foreign language)

We watched a Corduroy video from the library.

Shayla cut out and glued several paper bear shapes. (fine motor)

We listened to and did motions for Cool Bear Hunt song by Dr. Jean (music) and The Bear Went Over the Mountain. We used zoo pals bear plate for mask.

Shayla colored a color page of Corduroy bear.

Shayla read about bears from

Shayla put on a family performance for sis, dad, & grandma going over all the things we did this week! (public speaking/language)
Here's Shayla doing the sign we learned for Bear. (foreign language)

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Jennifer said...

What a great unit study you did. that looks like so much fun!