Friday, May 16, 2008

Extra Money for Portions of Stimulus Check

Have you seen that retailers are getting so desperate for Americans money that they are giving consumers an extra chunk of change for spending in their store.

Retailers like Kroger and Meijer are giving an extra 10% when you purchase a $300, $600, or $1200 gift card to their store.

Wow! Could you imagine if CVS did that. I'll bet it would last me forever!

Now this is quite a deal. Our family is debating on what denomination we will buy from Kroger. The catch is you can only do it one time between now and July 31.

If you have debt though, I would suggest that you apply your check to those balances. Because let's face it, you would only be saving 10% buying a card and most consumer credit card interest rates are around 20%. You would definately get more bang for your buck paying debt.

Have you gotten your check? What are you going to do with your check? Has anyone tried buying the gift cards for extra money? Does anyone know if the Kroger cards can be used at Kroger gas stations or is it groceries only?

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