Saturday, April 26, 2008

Short Cuts

Friends, while you are voting for my bag design at, sign up to download coupons onto your kroger card through signing up for Short Cuts.

It takes several minutes to go through the registration process. I did it this week and already used it. Select General Mills cereal was $2.50/box, when you bought 4 boxes, kroger took a $1 off/box, making it $6 for 4 boxes of cereal. Shortcuts had .75 off a box of strawberry chex, combined with a paper coupon, I got this for next to nothing! *Yes, the good thing about this is, you can stack paper manufacturer coupons with these. They are automatically taken off when you check out.

Speaking of Krogers and the cereal deal. I did several transactions, using paper coupons and was able to get 16 boxes of cereal and granola bars for under $14! Is that awesome or what! I believe this deal is going on today and tomorrow. Our Krogers new ads start on Monday.

Print cheerios coupons at Making them .50/box!

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