Sunday, February 24, 2008

Hoping to Adopt

We are hoping to add to our family again. No, I'm not pregnant! We are beginning the adoption process. We are hoping to adopt 6 year-old, Amber. Amber has been diagnosed with autism. She loves to laugh, learns by watching, her teachers are some of her favorite people. She doesn't talk and it's not known if she can. Shayla was diagnosed as selective mutism. Boy, this sounds so much like Shayla. She even looks like Shayla and holds her hands when she gets excited like Shayla.

We never thought we would adopt. We have three girls already. But the Lord works in mysterious ways. I have been reading Nancy Campbell's Above Rubies magazine. Her website is encouraging for mothers and all women She explains that it is a Biblical command "to be fruitful and multiply."

About the same time Dale heard a message on the Christian radio station while driving home from work. They said how can we as Christians say that abortion and child abuse is bad, but offer no solutions.

So pray that the Lord would expedite the homestudy process and everything goes well and if it be His will, that we will bring little Amber home.

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