Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Bathroom Remodel

I have been promising photos of the bathroom remodel. Here they are. Remember it is still a work-in-progress! There is a lot of displaced things right now, tools, stuff. Last weekend we got some more tiles on the ceiling and floor and installed the new corner shower. This weekend we hope to get another shelf hung above the toilet, get some pictures on the wall, finish the ceiling tiles, grout between the tiles on the floor.

I hope to get some trim boards bought and maybe painted. Menards has them on sale 15% off this week. And, happy day! The ceiling tiles I bought less than two weeks ago are on sale this week too - 15% off. I'm going to take the receipt back and have them refund the amount. It will be over $20!

It's not easy doing a bath remodel without going in the hole. Did you see my frugal towel holders. Yes, they are clothes hangers. I hope to get some hooks bought and installed this week, too.

Another bathroom funny! Shayla is sitting on the toilet, doing her business the other day and started yelling for me. I thought something was wrong! She said, "There's no toilet paper!" Notice the Leaning Tower of Toilet Paper in the corner! LOL! I guess I need to buy a toilet paper holder too.

I will not post photos again until it is the luxurious Calgon-take-me-away retreat that we are trying to accomplish!

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